• Why arise and shine preschool ?

    We focus on developing the talents of the kids rather than just imparting them with knowledge. In this way we create a second home for the kids.

  • What are the different programs for the kids?

    We provide interesting programs for your kids right from the age of 2 to the age of 6. Tailored right for each age group, we have specific programs.

  • Can I visit my child during the day?

    Here, both the parents and the kids are given identity cards, which are necessary to enter the school premises. No, parents are not allowed to visit their child anytime unless it is an emergency.

  • What is the student-teacher ratio here?

    The student –teacher ratio is 10:1 so that for every 10 students one teacher is always available.

  • Do you provide transportation facilities?

    Yes, we have pickups and drop-offs at most of the locations. You can check with us for the specific location though.

  • How comfortable our kids would be there?

    We provide ac classrooms with 100% non toxic toys and child-friendly environment so that kids would feel at home always. Our teachers are very friendly and this ensures the happiness of every child.

  • Will our kids get a chance to develop their extracurricular skills?

    Definitely, as said we focus on talent and we have special coaching for life skills and extracurricular activities including sports, arts and music. So, whichever one the child is good at, he/ she can develop at a faster pace.

  • How can we ensure that this is the best place for our kids?

    We have daily assessments and whose reports would be sent to the parents. This way you can get to know how much your kids have progressed with us.