Why Arise & Shine Preschool ?

Safety & Security:

Your kid’s safety is our promise. We provide a secure and happy environment for the child’s personal growth.

  • Kid’s friendly teachers:  So that the kids would feel at home.
  • Student-teacher ratio 10:1: This will ensure that the kids are getting individual attention.
  • Security and CCTV Surveillance: We have 24 hours security with CCTV surveillance
  • First Aid Services:  We have proper medical and transportation facilities, as well as emergency services, ensuring the safety of your child in every way.
  • Safe Interiors: With the kids’ friendly building and safe interiors, we make sure child’s safety.
  • Proper ID cards:  As part of our safety precautions, parents, as well as kids, are given proper identity cards, which is a necessity to enter our premises.
  • Supporting staff ratio: (20: 1):  we have one teacher and a supporting staff for each group of 20 students.

Proper Hygiene:

Our kids’ friendly, hygienic environment ensures that your kid would remain healthy and refreshed all the time.

  • AC Classrooms:  Our classrooms are unique designed which are spacious and air-conditioned.
  • 100 %Non-toxic toys:  While selecting the toys for the kids, we always choose non-toxic and safer ones.
  • Sanitised toilets: We ensure that your kids get to use properly cleaned and hygienic toilets.
  • Hygienic Premises:  Not only the interiors but our school premises are also clean and healthy.

After-School Programs:

We engage the kids in activities that would entertain them as well as help them to experience and get exposed to.

  • Colourful Classrooms:  Our brightly lit and beautifully coloured rooms are sure to bring out the artist in your kid.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: With our focus on skills and talents, we encourage kids to learn skating, archery, folk dance, aerobics and much more.
  • Play Area:   We have 5200 sq ft of interior play area and 1200 sq ft of outdoor play area which is filled with quality pieces of equipment which are safer to handle.

Active Learning:

We take a slightly different path in the teaching process and train them with interactive sessions that take into account each child’s learning aptitude.

  • Learning through experiencing:  We focus on comprehensive learning than textbook learning, so that kids can experiment, observe and learn.
  • Daily Assessment of the child: We keep record of the progress level of individual kid, assess them and accordingly give quality training to them.
  • Smart Classes: We go for interactive learning methodologies like video presentations and visually entertaining methods which are eye-catchy.
  • Puppet Theatre:  We capture the young minds with puppet shows and theatre shows that would really entertain them.
  • Mixed age group learning:   With kids of all different age groups, ours is a second home that helps the kids to develop and evolve into a better human.

Happy Environment:

With the dance classes, art, music and the celebrations all around, we bring joy to the kids and definitely a happy environment.

  • Birthday Celebrations:  We have birthday celebrations for our kids and trainers every month.
  • Sports Activities: We give training in all sports activities like cycling, swimming, kids’ football and much more.
  • Kids Gym:   We have an exclusive kids gym that foster various sport activities for the kids that would build upon their strength, balance and whole development.

Convenient Locations:

We are located at convenient locations which are easily accessible.

  • Peaceful Locations:  Eventhough we are in the heart of the city yet we render peace and comfort.
  • Transportation Facilities: We provide proper transportation facilities for pick up and drop off the kids.